The Adventures of Steve Awesome

Episode 1: #StopDropCallUncle

One day, there was guy named Steve Is Awesome. His house is on fire.

“O.M.G.! My house is on FIRE!!!” screamed Steve. Steve thought for a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time.  Then, he finally had an idea. But only after he farted, ate, had coffee and started another fire.

“Fire, please LEAVE MY HOUSE IMMEDIATELY!!!” the fire said nothing

“…” Steve thought again. Then farted. Then ate. Then had coffee. Then started 2 fires. Then got another idea.

“I’ll call my uncle!”  But Steve didn’t know his Uncle’s number! So he called 911. But it was Uncle. So he called his Uncle.

“Hello? 911 station for the northeast section for Burrito County. What is your problem?” said the dispatcher.

“My house is on fire!!! Uncle come NOW!!!!” cried Steve.

Steve sat. And waited. Then barfed. Then finally, he blew up the fire hydrant in front of his house.


 “Hi sir. Did you start this fire?” asked a fireman.

“NO! I just went to the local Taco Bell, bought 2 liters of soda and then started dancing Gangnam Style. Woke up and, WHOA! My house is on fire. So I went back to sleep after I went to the dynamite store.”

“I’m sorry about that series of unfortunate events.”

” WAIT!!! Why don’t I stay at the fire station while my house is being built! I have 20 dollar coupons ant the new burrito place!”

The firemen drove away as fast as they could.



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